Terms and Conditions


Sales price you will pay is on the item page. But we are sorry there would be possibility of requiring payment as an extra shipping fee in some cases. Please check about shipping fee each item page.


We accept credit cards or PayPal to pay for the products purchased at WABI SABI STORE.

Return Policy

We are sorry but we will not accept the customer’s request for returning the merchandise except the detective one.


Please be advised in advance that the “estimated date of delivery” indicated on the Order page is only a prediction, and it may be significantly delayed depending on the postal situation or procedures of customs.We cannot accept cancellation of orders even if the delivery has been delayed for some reason. If you need to have products delivered by a specific date, we encourage you to order them early enough to allow for possible delays.

Name of the Operator and Contact Information
General Incorporated Association JAPAN PROMOTION
Address: Ebina Building 4F, 6-18-10, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
President: Yoshitaka Ikushima
Tel: 03-5766-2450 (Main line) Fax: 03-5766-2451 Email: wabisabistore@japanpromotion.org